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Construction Options

There are two main types of residential construction which include the type done by builders who purchase large tracts of land and build a number of new homes to form developments and also builders that specialize in building custom homes for individual buyers. Custom homes are typically built on land the buyer already owns.

Both of these options provide all the benefits of owning a newly built home. However, there are important differences in the amount of time each project takes, the level of customization each projects offers, and the time and effort that is needed to commit.

Construction Time Frame

For some people, it is important that they be able to move in very quickly because they are on a tight schedule. If this is the case, buying a home in a development is the best option. Homes being built in developments generally take less time to build because the floor plan is already prepared and the materials are already purchased. Some developments have homes that are in different phases of construction. Depending on how fast you need to move in, some developments will often give you the option of selecting a home that is close to being done, or already finished.

Custom homes take a longer time to build. In fact, a custom home will probably take at least six to 12 months to complete. The main reason the process takes longer is because a buyer has many more things to consider, such as designing the architecture, choosing the materials, and buying appliances. Custom homes require you to be ready for an involved, detailed process.

Customizing Your Home

For those of you that are interested in buying a home in a development, you will most likely have a few floor plans to choose from, each with its own set of standard and optional amenities. You will need to consult with the builder about any upgrades for materials and appliances, but your customized options are usually limited.

Custom homes that are built from scratch are a completely different story. Basically your ability to customize every aspect of the home is limited only by your imagination and your budget. In fact, this is the main appeal of custom homes; the fact that you have the opportunity to live in a place that is built around you and your personal tastes.

Time and Effort

If you are buying a home in a development, the floor plans and features are more standardized which means you don’t have to be any more involved in the construction process than you want to be. Many buyers find this to be a huge benefit. It’s not the everyday person that wants to invest major time and effort into the construction of a home. This is especially true for those that don’t plan to stay in the house for a long period of time.

Building a custom home, on the other hand, requires you to invest a huge amount of time and effort. It is a much more complex and time consuming project. Those that plan to build a custom home are also planning on staying in their “dream house” for a very long time. For this reason, it makes sense that they would want to be involved in every aspect of the construction.

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Saving Money While Building

Saving Money While Building
There are several ways to save money during the building process. You may not see the savings up front, but over the long run your pocketbook will definitely appreciate it if you take the time to carefully consider the choices you make during the construction of your new house.

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Stock Plans vs. Custom Home Plans

Stock Plans vs. Custom Home Plans
The building process requires you to address many different aspects. Such things as where to build, what size home to build, what features to include, what items to include, what costs should be included in the budget, what the design/build timeframes should be, and who will build the home, are just a few of the important aspects that need special attention.

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Choosing Your Lot

Choosing Your Lot
Investigating a lot is a fundamental and challenging activity in the organization and execution of construction projects. It is a step-by-step process that includes soil testing, identifying environmental concerns, and how utilities will run within the home. Each step will be carefully investigated and eventually will go through a process of approval.

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